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ISBN: 9781733479318 Géneros: Sinópsis: Meet Leilanipeople pleaser selfimprovement tool addict and professional third wheel Her life as of late is an unfulfilling repeat of missteps flops and faux pauxs She’s stranded in the doldrums and hasn’t been able to escape…Until she learns her cousin Chantal who’s never had her life together is planning a wedding for the fall and had the unmitigated gall to overlook her as maid of honor She hasn’t consulted Leilani about this lifechanging decision let alone introduced her to the new beauYet there’s a connection between Leilani and this mystery manand she’s determined to exploit it A plane ticket new look and the support of two zany friends combine to turn Leilani Rose into Miami’s newest Instagram starlet Well intentioned although haplessly misguided Leilani bungles her way into a new lifestyle of celebrity When Chantal’s fiance and a hot up and coming star take an interest in her and she becomes the focus of a scandal she starts to wonder is the new notoriety worth it or does she want her old life back
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