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Sinopsis de A LILY OF LOVE
Have you ever lost a child through a miscarriage, abortion, or early death? Have you ever wondered if you will get to hold that baby again? Do you know what its like to be gripped with an unknown fear that has hijacked your life? A Lily of Love is a personal testimonial of one womans journey through pain and loss to finding healing and restoration through faith in God. Find rest in knowing that Gods abiding love and understanding is there to see you through it all. When you cry out to Him in your time of need or trouble, He will meet you right where you are. He will give you your hearts desire if you live your life for Him. He will bring you the peace your soul has been longing for. Reach out to Him and rest in His Fatherly arms. Sally Cohran is a registered nurse who has lived through the pain of miscarriages and the loss of a newborn baby. By sharing her personal testimony, she hopes to encourage others who have gone through similar trials in their lives. She and her husband, Chad, have been married for eleven years and have two children
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