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ISBN: 9781641821964 Géneros: Sinópsis: …does he know who I amHe knows nothing of you my lord He believes my cousin Master Chuonn is the head of the snake about to strike The assassin laughed without mirth But in truth we are just its eyesAnd its fangs the cloaked figure addedYes and its fangs he agreed before bowing Without another word the shadowed assassin disappeared back into the blackness from whence he cameThe cloaked figure remained for another ten minutes then he too turned and vanished from the Emerileen ForestA Traitor’s HeartAlthough peace has remained within the Kingdom of Baevar during the Dragos’ reign there are some that want a changeAs the Shadowsan elite guild of deadly assassinsrise from the darkness the opportunity for chaos and strife begins Led by a mysterious cloaked figure trouble spreads throughout the kingdom Doubts and distrust surface Friendships are strained Loyalties are testedIn the end the most dangerous of enemies are those closest to the heart
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