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ISBN: 9781999114855 Géneros: Sinópsis: At first Lois Graham was afraid of the large and gruff bear shifter He’s everything she39s not used to and he’s shattered her world perception by revealing that shifters exist But he stood in the way of claws and teeth that would have torn her to pieces so she can39t help but see him in a different lightFormer Navy Seal Dane Green is in a bad mood It’s one thing to suffer an injury while on a rescue mission It’s another to have a fiery red head with amazing legs insist on nursing him back to health while he’s stuck in bedIt might be great if he didn39t want to pull her in bed with himDane already lost one mate He39s not about to let himself get close to another not when there are dangerous people out there who want to hurt Lois to punish him She might think she39s ready for his world but he knows she39s not and he also knows the best thing he can do for her is to walk awayToo bad the bear inside him has other plans
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