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An Affirmation of Faith constitutes an archive of great historical and cultural significance and should be valued, well-received and studied for that reason alone. John Walter Vincent Cordice Jr., MD As the first African American to break the glass ceiling of 0-6 (Captain) rank, Chaplain Parhams pioneering legacy is an inspiration to all who delight in humanitys triumph over adversity. Barry Black, 62nd Chaplain of the U. S. Senate, Rear Admiral (Ret.), U. S. Navy An Affirmation of Faith chronicles the life of an American hero and gentle man of God. SCPO David Greene, U. S. Navy (Ret.) The immeasurable value and vast impact that Chaplain T. David Parham had upon the Chaplain Corps and the U.S. Navy could never be captured in a single book. I am a product of his hallowed legacy. CAPT Wilbur C. Douglass III, CHC, USN Chaplain Parham inspired and mentored a generation of African American Chaplains, he was a beacon of light to all who had the privilege of knowing him. Moses L. Stith, Captain (Ret.), CHC, U. S. Navy An Affirmation of Faith is the story of a Black minister, a trailblazer and spiritual giant. Chaplain Thomas David Parham Jr., Captain (Ret.), U.S. Navy, writes candidly about his journey from humble beginnings through times of struggle, challenge, and failure to overcoming adversity. His love of life and appreciation of its possibilities as well as his pragmatic approach, sometimes headstrong but always based on his religious convictions, to whatever was before him is evident in each stage and station of his life. Ordained by God to be in ministry, Chaplain Parhams life is an affirmation of his faith, its development, and its expression._,
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