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ISBN: 9781951404260 Géneros: Sinópsis: Explore the History and Mythology of the Roman Empire Few societies and historical periods capture our fascination as much as ancient Rome  With a founding steeped in legend along with the rise and fall of a monarchy a republic and an empire filled with colorful and often even bizarre leaders and popular figures it is no wonder that it has been the source of inspiration for a multitude of novels movies and television shows While this entertainment fare has had varying degrees of historical accuracy a great deal of artistic license does not need to be taken to make the story of ancient Rome intriguing and scintillating It was a society and a people rich with a drama that still captures our interest even today more than 1500 years since the fall of the great Roman Empire  In this book you are going to find out about The founding and rise of the Roman Republic The era of an empire The Christianization of the empire and its impact The masterpiece of Rome How it becomes a melting pot of theism And more Don’t wait another moment to enjoy from this information – Get your copy of Ancient Rome right away
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