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Sinopsis de BETRAYED

Karin&rsquo,s watched magic ebb and flow over her long life. A healer by nature, as well as a wolf Shifter, she fixes what she can and buries her personal needs deep. In a race against time, she and a small group of Shifters and humans are sailing toward a gateway in the Arctic. If they can&rsquo,t close it, Earth will be doomed, but getting that far is proving tricky.Daide&rsquo,s a scientist, first and foremost. Once a world-renowned expert on treating cetaceans, his skills are rusty. Ten years as a Vampire altered a whole lot, and he&rsquo,s still exploring his brand-new Shifter magic. Karin caught his eye before they left Ushuaia, but she seems to be in love with a dolphin Shifter. Immersed in jealousy, Daide considers walking away, but he can&rsquo,t give up. The only woman he&rsquo,s ever loved is worth fighting for. Consequences be damned.Vampires, Witches, high-handed gods, Kelpies, and a host of others all want either the ship or the Shifters&rsquo, magic. Even the simplest tasks develop thorny edges, and misunderstandings threaten to destroy everything._,
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