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Head of the shifter underground&rsquo,s security force, Johannes has his hands full. When Max, the underground&rsquo,s leader, is almost killed by sniper fire, Johannes breaks a cardinal rule to save his friend and makes a discovery about himself that changes everything.Daria&rsquo,s been a healer in one capacity or another for hundreds of years, but wholesale slaughter aimed at wiping out her kin is something new. Called to the governor&rsquo,s mansion after Max gets shot, she finds him wallowing in a river of his own blood. By rights he should be dead. She questions Johannes, but he remains stubbornly silent&mdash,after telling her an outright lie.If Johannes wasn&rsquo,t so knockout gorgeous, and she wasn&rsquo,t so wiped out, Daria would&rsquo,ve left after treating Max. Instead, Johannes talks her into staying, then orders her to work for the underground. As head of security, it&rsquo,s his right to commandeer personnel. Daria is torn. Johannes is the most compelling man she&rsquo,s ever met, but he&rsquo,s also arrogant. Compounding the problem, her cat thinks he&rsquo,s their mate. After he runs roughshod over her, she doesn&rsquo,t care about anything except getting as far away from him as she can, but escape isn&rsquo,t possible.A series of lethal attacks throw Daria into Johannes&rsquo,s path&mdash,and keep her there. He&rsquo,s desperately attracted to her, but anything beyond sex with any woman isn&rsquo,t part of his life plan. His cat says she&rsquo,s their mate, but it doesn&rsquo,t alter Johannes&rsquo,s staunch refusal to consider anything that might turn into love. He has his reasons. They&rsquo,ve served him well, and he sees no reason to change them now._,
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