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ISBN: 9781733072113 Géneros: Sinópsis: **Standalone new adult romantic fantasy It was over before it began A druid woman and a Fae manwe were two people from different worlds only by chance did our paths happen to cross He was beautiful and damaged and totally captivating If only I could have continued to buy into the propaganda of fear and hate my people had taught me about the Fae then maybe I would have believed him to be the savage he appeared to be  Instead I offered the cryptic man my help The time I spent with him allowed me to see the man he was behind the chiseled formal exterior What developed between us was tender intimate and totally unexpected  My druid family was not as enlightened as I was My mom didn’t want me near the Fae she certainly never would have understood that I had developed feelings for a Fae man I tried to keep my private life a secret I tried to keep the peace but my mother’s threats and intolerance left me with no choice I had to make the hardest decision of my life I had to leave the only family I’d ever known I just never imagined what I’d face when I didn’t make it out in time… Warning This is NOT a Young Adult novel It contains scenes with graphic violence and mature sexual content
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