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ISBN: 9781644625927 Géneros: Sinópsis: Her life was spiraling out of control She knew that she was headed down the wrong road with her life Her soul would be lost if she did not heed the warnings Linda had traveled around the world looking and praying all the while for love What she found instead could cost her dearly Being traumatized by someone in the position of respect to assault in her mind and later to her body The drugs and alcohol mixed with desires had a bad karma that wouldnt help For all that she knew she was doomed traveling down this road that only leads to death and despair for it is dark and dangerous Where could she go What should she do to end this nightmare No one was listening to her There had to be a way out of this situation One night while sitting in church she knew instantly the moment that he touched her She knew in her heart of hearts that her chains had been broken
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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