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Sinopsis de CBT
ISBN: 9781950855636 Géneros: Sinópsis: Have you wondered if it is possible to kick depression out of your life without resorting to medication Most depression related medication can have a series of harmful side effects that sometimes leave patients in an even worse state than before Cognitive behavioral therapy has been one of the most successful methods of treating and eliminating depression anxiety and negative thought patterns with little to virtually no side effects Here39s some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book Discover exactly how to dismantle the most damaging automatic thoughts How to develop a solid foundation of core beliefs so that external factors have little negative impact on the way you think Learn how to take in situations with a more positive perspective and make it a longterm habit How to avoid the most common CBT mistakes that can greatly hinder your progress towards recovery Proven methods to relax your mind and body and disrupt stress and depression patterns Other than following the advice inside this guide no previous skill or specific knowledge is required to get started with CBT There is a large amount of CBT practitioners that have learned how to harness emotions and thoughts to 39rewire39 the way their mind works for good Unlike depression or anxiety medication the CBT principles will reward you with long lasting results when correctly applied to your life There is no better time to start the journey towards a healthier mind and body Start by practicing CBT today
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