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ISBN: 9781733796002 Géneros: Sinópsis: Fresh off investigating the ambush murders of two police officers Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Buck Taylor and his team are called upon to find a missing journalist in a case that leads to murder and child pornography in the much anticipated fourth Crime novel   She was about to thank the Good Samaritan when he reached a huge hand behind her head and in one swift move slammed her forehead into the steering wheel The blow was so hard that it cracked the top of the steering wheel It took two more blows to knock her outHe put the car in gear and checking once more up and down the highway pushed the car past the end of the guardrail and stopped it at the edge of the dropoff The reservoir was still frozen but he hoped that enough of the thaw had occurred to make the ice thin enough so the car would crash right through it He was confident that the snowfall that was underway would cover the hole in the iceWith one last look up and down the empty highway he closed the door walked behind the car and gave it a shove With a grinding of metal against rock the car bounced over the edge and rolled down the side of the reservoir crashing into the ice with a loud bang and after a second’s hesitation broke through the ice and disappeared beneath the surface He stood on the shoulder of the road and watched until the taillights blinked off
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