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It is October 17, 1849, Chopin has just taken his last labored breath. Solange Dudevant Clésinger, George Sand’s unloved daughter, is at his bedside, but Sand herself is nowhere to be found. Solange, deeply grieved by the loss of Chopin, with whom she feels she has always been in love, takes a letter fragment from the last letter Sand wrote to Chopin breaking off their relationship. In the letter fragment, Sand accuses Chopin of taking sides with Solange in a family battle and tells him that this has sounded the death knell for their relationship. Married to a man she doesn’t love, Solange Dudevant Clésinger decides to try to find out why her mother abandoned Chopin and does not show up at his deathbed. She begins a search of the quays of Paris, claiming that she believes she saw her mother wandering them in the past few days. Her mother’s friend, Charlotte Marlinai, assures her that Sand is not in Paris but in her country home at Nohant. Something in Marliani’s evasive answers and her refusal to invite Solange into her home causes Solange to suspect that perhaps she is hiding her mother. In her attempt to avoid her hard drinking, abusive husband who is making his bid to sculpt Chopin’s funeral monument, Solange retreats to their home and begins a plan to try to find out where her mother is and why she didn’t appear at Chopin’s bedside. She begins a series of visits to the people closest to Chopin to try to learn as much as she can about the history of the relationship between Sand and Chopin and also to find out more about what people knew or didn’t know about her relationship with Chopin that could have triggered such enraged jealousy in her mother. She visits Charlotte again the next day to find her much more welcoming now that she isn’t trying to hide a lover from her husband. Charlotte begins the process of educating Solange about the history of Sand’s relationship with Chopin. Solange’s quest is interspersed with memories of past times in Chopin’s
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