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The sea may have been a harsh mistress, but Viktor longs for the challenges of wind and weather, for the sound of waves crashing over his hull. Turned by a Master Vampire, he hates what he&rsquo,s become, but there&rsquo,s no escape. Not from Ushuaia that&rsquo,s turned into a city of bones, or from the Vampire who rules him.Ketha and eleven other Shifters traveled to Ushuaia to harness the power of an eclipse and were trapped there when the world turned upside down. Ten years later, they&rsquo,re staying one step ahead of Vampires who blame them for the cataclysm.With her luck running low, Ketha turns her badly depleted magic on the Vampire assigned to lock her away and gets sucked in by her own spell. Maybe magic can&rsquo,t save the world, but love might be able to salvage what&rsquo,s left._,
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