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emPOWher, is for the young female who is struggling to find herself in the real world and does not know how to handle a toxic work environment. The journey of this book will first take our young female readers into the comic-book female superhero world to discuss what a leader first looks like. Just like any comic book superhero, who have struggled to find their place, so will the readers and in the end of their journey of reading emPOWher the young reader will find that superhero power within in them to overcome obstacles. This book is for any young female who feels lost and doesn’,t know what the next step is. Our younger female demographic need to understand that women who work together build and women who collaborate are innovative together. Women must learn, more than ever, to empower each other and understand what each woman is going through. It is important to teach young girls to be leaders with humbleness, kindness, and be educators in their field and who can embrace the generation after them to be motivators in a movement of women embracing other women. This book does not tell young girls what to do or a biography about the author. Yet, many of the stories the author shares are her struggles._,
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