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ISBN: 9781532679261 Géneros: Sinópsis: Is the Old Testament too old to be of any use today Reading the Gospels in light of the prophets of old such as Elijah and Elisha Andersons third volume offers a fresh portrait of Jesus Yeshua as a wise man who surpassed his predecessors because he was deeply versed in the Scriptures of his time Like flowers religions last if they have strong roots Yeshuas Bible was deeply rooted in Ancient Near Eastern religions A mustread to prepare the future of monotheism beyond the parochial debates between religious groups today Looking for a fresh understanding of the New Testament rooted in world religions Ancient Near Eastern cultures in particular the Old Testament This book will not disappoint you You will discover Jesus as a smart Jewish rabbi equal to Buddha and as powerful as Elijah and Elisha put together Philippe Guillaume lecturer at the University of Berne Switzerland staff member of the current Jezreel archaeological expedition Galilee James S Anderson is an adjunct professor of biblical studies at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio Texas He is the author of Monotheism and Yahwehs Appropriation of Baal 2015 and Manifesting Peace 2019
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