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ISBN: 9781861716026 Géneros: AB:0 Sinópsis: FRA ANGELICO  BY JB SUPINO  Translated by Leader Scott   An introduction to the art of Fra Angelico exploring each period in the painter’s career including his work in Perugia Orvieto Rome and Florence Fully illustrated   Fra Angelico known by several names including Fra Giovanni Beato Angelico da Fiesole 13991455 is one of the very few painters of the Italian Renaissance who painted religious pictures exclusively Almost all Angelico39s paintings are religious he did not paint secular portraits like say Giovanni Bellini or Ghirlandaio It was Vasari who stressed Angelico39s purity holiness faith humility and devout nature and this description of Angelico as a holy monklike painter persists throughout the centuries John Ruskin called Angelico 39an inspired saint39   Fra Angelico stands at the transition between the mediaeval and Renaissance worlds Angelico39s 39feelings are in the Middle Ages39 Bernard Berenson wrote yet he was distinctly a Quattrocento Renaissance painter His art combines the timelessness and rigidity of icon painting where figures are caught in bright static hieratic motions with the new painterly explorations in form style and space of the Quattrocento period  Fra Angelico39s paintings seem simple but their simplicity is deceptive they are the products of training and skill Giulio Carlo Argan reminds us that 39everything points to Fra Angelico39s being in touch with the most advanced artists of his early day39 The deep spiritual feeling and tenderness of Fra Angelico39s art seems 39simple39 or 39innocent39 It does not seem cynical and worldweary Yes but the simplicity is not so much childish as childlike as a regaining of the freshness of the spirit of childhood A reactivation of the maternal realm perhaps which Fra Angelico manages to accomplish with a directness most other painters are incapable of reproducing   Fully illustrated  including contemporaries of Fra Angelic
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