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ISBN: 9781684667949 Géneros: Sinópsis: This is  a book which proves the presence of our Angels and Spirit Guides in our lives We only have to believe in Miracles God39s network is very powerful and he is always with usThis book is also about Divine Will and Divine Timing and how God manipulates the incidents of our lives for our good through these factors The spirits of our ancestors are always with us to guide us and we only have to ask for help to receive it The book also narrates the daily miracles of life which we barely notice because of lack of faith These are portrayed through the life experiences of the author The working of the principles of Law Of Attraction and Manifestation is discussed Clair audience and Supernatural events and Signs are parts of our daily lives These are the characteristics of the book which are narrated in a fluid coherent and engrossing style The characteristics of Near Death Experiences and the experiences of people who have come back after death is discussed These experiences prove God39s true nature of unconditional and overwhelming love rather than the way that man sometimes portrays God as an object of Revenge The Near Death Experiences are not accidental but God39s way of revealing his truth through these messengers from Heaven
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