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Jer Johns had just spent the last yearandahalf traveling around the country He had stayed in over 70 different homes in over 50 cites with hundreds of strangers that would become friends After arriving in San Francisco in March of 2015 He decided that it was time for a new experience He challenged himself to 30 days of exploring the streets of San Francisco and its many neighborhoods trying to capture at least 1000 photos eventually adding to that challenge by raising funds to give meals to people down on their luck living on the citys streets He started the experience trying to sleep with little successon the streets anywhere he could find a dry warm place He met numerous different characters characters that youd think were from the pages of any classic fictional book characters that can be seen in the here in SF photo book He would eventually end up spending his time between the streets and staying with a guy Eddy He had met Eddy through a Tumblr post online Jers experience took him from surviving on little food and struggling to find anywhere he could sleep on the streets to enjoying his first tastings multiple course meals in high end restaurants and staying in Eddys spare bedroom in a luxury apartment overlooking the city He came to the city with nothing more than a backpack a gym bag full of clothes a laptop his camera and an open mind to any adventure that might find his way to him He left with less while having gained so much from the experience Written as a daybyday account of Jers experiences over the 30day period this adventure will have you laughing crying and every emotion inbetween
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