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ISBN: 9780578457703 Géneros: Sinópsis: Welcome to the High on God experience Are you experiencedThis is more than a book It’s an invitation into a lifelong experience of ecstatic joy and bliss There are very few books in the world which carry this kind of energy to release holy laughter and a supernatural high The world is often filled with so much discouragement depression and striving just to be happy High on God presents an authentic solution in a radical approach to Jesus For many the message of Jesus Christ has not been associated with the overwhelming joy of living This book displays Jesus as the love drunk Lord of the DanceHigh on God shares personal stories encounters history and Biblical foundations to thrust its’ readers right into a life better than any high It’s written in a language that will challenge both Christians and nonChristians including more than enough to excite readers of all backgroundsThe author Matt Spinks has had more than ten years of experience living out this bliss in community Matt walks in a unique tangible atmosphere of childlikeness and joy and has seen thousands of people released into heavenly ecstasy and encounter He shares what he has learned in this rich and detailed powerpacked book of blissThis book answers some powerful questions… Is it possible to really be supernaturally high Is Jesus actually a God of joy and ecstasy Why is the Gospel considered good news Is pleasure sinful Can I integrate an overwhelmingly happy spirituality into real life What are the most healthy experiences of pleasure Can I live a heavenly life even here on earth
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