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ISBN: 9780988859630 Géneros: Sinópsis: Readers who like mystery thrillers and like to follow action characters like Jason Bourne Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher through many novels will enjoy following retired legendary covert operative Pat O’Sheen and his loving family through this perilous journey The Hologram Conspiracy is the first novel of the Hologram Trilogy with several sequels and prequels not related to the holograms already written to followPat O39Sheen is a religious family man whose devotion to his wife and highschool sweetheart Dale and their three kids is top priority with God and Country He is a retired major with proven unique talents to protect American soldiers US Army Special Forces ranked Pat as one of the world’s best marksmen But when the American war hero is attacked by vengeful mercenaries in Paris he shoots at two of the attackers from only ten feet away and misses multiple times While fleeing he was sure that he shot at least three attackers But when he wakes up in a Paris hospital his longtime friend Parisian Inspector Boudreaux tells him there was only his blood at the scenePat learns that a secret Hologram deflection ray technology stolen from a CIA contractor was used against him in Paris and the retired covert operative is pulled into the center of a sophisticated deadly worldwide conspiracy Pat’s son is kidnapped Pat’s house is blown up almost killing his wife and he is framed for the murder of a CIA Hologram conspirator Can Pat escape from jail and use his multilingual skills and his international contacts to expose the identity of the high government officials behind the hologram conspiracy Go to edsheehancom to preview chapters
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