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ISBN: 9781680835762 Géneros: Sinópsis: Food is not only fundamental to our existence its consumption handling or even the mere sight of its also brings us immense joy Over the years technology has played a crucial part in supporting and enriching foodrelated practices beginning from how we grow to how we cook eat and dispose of food All these practices have a significant impact not only on individuals but also on the surrounding ecologies and infrastructures often discussed under the umbrella term of HumanFood Interaction HFIThis monograph provides an overview of the existing research in this space and a guide to further its exploration The authors illustrate the growth in research across four phases of HFI namely Growing Cooking Eating and Disposal categorizing the existing works across each of these phases to reveal a rich design space and that highlights the underexplored areas that interaction designers might find intriguing to investigateHumanFood Interaction offers a first of its kind overview of research in this fascinating interdisciplinary field and will be of interest to students and researchers working in many areas of HumanComputer Interaction
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