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True beauty is found in the flaws formed in difficult and painful moments, which often happens over many years and while hidden from view. &nbsp,At times of hurt and loss, you can feel rejected and of no value or worth. &nbsp,Pearls emerge as a result of pain and trauma and the dazzle of a diamond depends on the flaws within it. &nbsp,At its heart, this book deals with the trauma of lost love and the journey to unearthing the hidden gem in you that can only be found once you push through your pain.&nbsp, &nbsp,Following the sudden loss of her father at a young age, Tolu is overcome with anger and deals with rejection from family, friends and the men she encountered. &nbsp,Using stories that are relatable, you are given a unique perspective into the darkness that comes with pain and loss as well as rare yet practical steps to help start the process of forgiving yourself and uncovering the value that is birthed in your mistakes and struggles. &nbsp,Your journey of discovery begins with open, internal dialogue focused on
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