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ISBN: 9781642144307 Géneros: Sinópsis: Ellis advised his attorney Brian Keith Rivers to let Judge Marcus Cummings know he wanted a bench trial He had willingly admitted he had tried to kill Annie out of a jealous rage but she had survived his vicious attack Ellis didnt want Annie or her family members to be subjected to further hurt and humiliation by having to hear and give testimony in open court He didnt want Annie to relive that insufferable night he left her tiny limp body for dead in a pool of her own blood on the cold dirty wet kitchen floor Insufferable author Rai Standifer tells the story of three beautiful teenage girls Alva Bea and Annie Growing up in Detroit in 1939 their lives intertwine with the handsome debonair and married Creole florist twentyfiveyearold Marlowe Dulaine Marlowe cultivates their hearts with his errresistible charm silver tongue skillful lovemaking and secrets He passionately pursued them mind body and soul without either knowing about the other First cousins Bea and Annie dont have a clue With sweet surrender Marlowe steals their innocence For them life becomes Insufferable Although fiction Insufferable lifeline is based on real life stories Annie told about her teen years raised by her father Reverend Oden his sister her beloved Mother Sims with her two older brothers Insufferable written as a tribute to Annie is for the renaissance woman and man the young and hopeful millennials and all who enjoy love and romance To those remarkable women and men who have somehow found the strength by the love and grace of God to overcome the pain and suffering of a damaged abusive love stolen innocence stolen life Insufferable celebrates you
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