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Sinopsis de INTO THE HILLS
ISBN: 9781644588840 Géneros: Sinópsis: In the Fall of 1857 Katherine Vanderbilt a spoiled highclass girl returns from boarding school to spend time on her father39s estate Upon her immediate return her father informs her that she will not be returning to boarding school instead she will be marrying his apprentice William Appalled by her father39s actions Katherine mounts her trusty horse and rides off to the solitude of her favorite pond Her tranquility however is dashed when a group of mountain men barge onto her father39s property and kidnap her Isaac McLean can39t understand why he let his men talk him into taking the poor defenseless girl but he can39t seem to make himself let her go either Their jobs the very reason why they were even on the Vanderbilt property could get them a oneway ticket to the gallows But as he begins to spend more time with her Isaac can feel his hardened edges begin to soften around the copperhaired beauty William Parson is on the hunt for his betrothed stolen away before he could even lay eyes on her Though he has no interest in marrying her father39s money and the girl39s inheritance are enough to make him exchange vows Along the journey Katherine39s faith is tested as she becomes more aware of her place in this world and what her purpose truly is as she is thrown in a world of profuse hatred and unbelievable love Will Katherine ever find her way home again
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