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ISBN: 9781771433914 Géneros: Sinópsis: Is mental illness really demons Many Christians and just people in general believe that mental illness is demons and there are even many books written to that affect Many deliverance ministries get a lot of business from the mentally ill But is it really always demons There are many Christians living with mental illness and they aren39t healed some are ministers This book is about mental illness from a Christian perspective and many wonder if you can even be a real Christian and have mental illness All too often the mentally ill are treated like outcasts in the Christian community like they have the plague or something In this book the author who is a minister takes you on a journey of his own battle with mental illness Bipolar disorder and Christian faith as well as addresses the belief that everyone is always healed and whether or not it is demons Take a walk into the world of being a Christian and living with mental illnessAbout the Author Rev Adam Lee is an ordained minister and has served as a pastor for a couple of churches He has a degree in Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago Illinois Adam is a musician and song writer as well Adam has always lived in the northern United States and enjoys the beauty and peace of nature as well as small town life On a summer39s day you may find him taking a ride on his motorcycle on the quiet country roads or fishing with his children Currently Adam is also a licensed real estate agent and runs a nondenominational ministry which ministers to people daily He and his 4 children live in the majestic rural valleys of Wisconsin
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