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John Gill Master of Rock is a captivating look into the life achievements and ethos of boulderer John Gill This new edition of the classic title is complete with photographs personal impressions of Gill from climbers such as Yvon Chouinard and an enlightening interview with Gill himselfHailed the father of modern bouldering John Gill is an aweinspiring climber with enigmatic talent His techniques have been likened to poetry and are almost ‘spiritual’ in nature Famous for his dynamic approach to bouldering and his impressive physical accomplishments such as the onearm front lever Gill is an inspiration to climbers around the worldWritten by Gill’s friend and fellow climber Pat Ament John Gill Master of Rock pays homage to this influence Delving deeply into not only the fascinating life of Gill but the very raw essence of what it means to boulder this intimate biography is both intriguing and informative39Bouldering is the poetry of mountaineering … As with good poetry good bouldering comes from within It is derived from an inner eye then refined39At its core John Gill Master of Rock illustrates the humbling relationship between Gill and those who admire him – as Ament details firsthand Gill is never egotistical nor elitist instead he is approachable passionate and refreshingly independentThis staple climbing read is a real musthave for those with an interest in pioneers of the bouldering scene The exploits and adventures contained within will appeal to devotees of the sport and to anyone seeking insight into the triumphs of a master
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