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ISBN: 9780648552239 Géneros: Sinópsis: JOKES Maybe you’re looking to impress that cute girl at work  Maybe you’re trying to find some more material for your future onstage career  Maybe you’re a lonely guy living in an apartment with a bunch of cats who just needs a laughfor heaven’s sake  Whatever it is this Jokes book has all you need for the entertainment you want Take this book with you on a long car trip with the kids and instead of hearing Are we there yet on a constant refrain maybe you’ll find that they are actually enjoying themselves And you will too because you’re able to engage as a family and really spend some quality time together  In today’s world it seems like it is becoming ever more important to figure out how to laugh Society today seems always to be so serious and doesn’t make time for the most important thingslike laughing with your friends and family over a few good jokes  Laugh until it hurts with…  Hundreds of hilarious jokes Knockknock jokes Barnyard jokes Scintillating oneliners Tons of puns Christmas Jokes Bar Jokes Chicken cross the road Jokes Puzzling riddles that will stump you Much Much More So make your life more enjoyable and dive into Jokes you haven’t heard of before Purchase Your Copy Today
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