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Sinopsis de KENDO WORLD 84
ISBN: 9784907009274 Géneros: Sinópsis: Editorial By Alex Bennett Erai shitsurei shimashita That’s Kansai dialect for Begging your pardon folks… It has been quite some time since the last issue of Kendo World The blame rests solely on my shoulders The past 18 months or so have been characterised by life sort of getting in the way But KW is back and we are on the verge of taking it to new heights Alex also discusses the recent iaido grading scandal and the WKC in KoreaUncle Kotay’s Kendo Korner Kendo sage Uncle Kotay dishes out his inimitable brand of wisdom on the adage katteutsu or win and then strikeKendo and the Human Condition By HoJun Yoo This article is the winner of the Kendo World Shogun Kendogu Blue Label Article Competition Feeling utterly broken I sit on the edge of my bed surrounded by the suffocating darkness and silence The clock reads four in the afternoon and the winter sun should be about to set soon but I can only guess I haven’t been outside in over a week Looking around the spartan room I feel utterly detached though the detachment is better than the usual crushing sense of selfloathing panic and anxiety It is as close to relief as I can get HoJun Yoo discusses how kendo is helping him with his mental wellbeingKendo Part 4 By Takano Sasaburo Translated by Alex Bennett The final section of Chapter 3 discusses kata Kata forms were created by selecting the most fundamental techniques in kendo Through studying kata students develop good posture hone their power of observation fix bad technical habits learn the correct cutting angle of the blade become more agile and lighter in action develop precise striking technique understand correct distancing maai improve temperament and augment a strong spirit kiai It is for these reasons that kata practice is veryimportantHagakure Part 6 By Alex Bennett In this installment we are warned of the dangers of drinking too much… Good luck paying attention to this one…Kitamoto 2017 Repor
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