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ISBN: 9780995704657 Géneros: Sinópsis: A shredded gold lace ballgown The greatest rake in Regency London And the modern woman who links them bothWhen costume curator Emma Stanley meets a frockcoated phantom in an endless museum passage her body takes fire at his touch But he melts away leaving her lost and clutching the shredded wreck of a Regency ballgownThe magic of the gold lace gown transports Emma across centuries When is she Where is she Most importantly WHO is she in this alien timeIn front of her a naked man rises from his bath He welcomes her He knows her name He wants her But he39s dangerous – the greatest rake in London the stud that every woman desiresShould Emma respond to him Will she get back to her own time if she does And given the threatening shadows swirling round in her modern world is it safe for her to returnFirst print edition of new Regency Timeslip by multipublished Harlequin Historical Romance author Joanna Maitland More information at httpslibertabookscomjoanna
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