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Marriages are broken every day, but when it happens to you it feels like the end of the world. The fragility of marriage is globally endemic. Christians, too, are confused about marriage, prone to divorce and remarriage and miserable in both marriage and divorce. Choices are being made on the basis of expediency rather than conviction. The academic questions about marriage, divorce and remarriage became a stark reality for Beryl when she found herself faced with divorce. Marriage Restored takes you through her personal journey as she grappled with the principles, pain and practicalities of this unknown terrain. The processing of her thoughts, emotions and faith has been collated into three sections in this book. Firstly, because God-honouring behaviour always stems from right beliefs, Beryl has taken biblical truth and, in laymans terms, briefly examined the theology of marriage, divorce and remarriage in Part 1. As consecration to God does not eradicate our human emotions but rather heightens them, Beryl exposes her vulnerability and pain in Part 2, but also reveals the mercy, love and comfort of a gracious God and the care and compassion of His people. Part 3 gives an account of the power of prayer, the freedom of forgiveness and the road to reconciliation. There is practical advice, encouragement and biblical principles for others who are struggling to find their way through the maze of marital breakdown. Marriage Restored has been written for leaders, pastors and ordinary people to add to all other endeavours to strengthen marriages, prevent divorces and encourage men and women to keep faith with one another. Beryl writes out of her own experience and extensive reading and the text is resplendent with quotes from many renowned Christian authors. Beryl and her husband, John, live in Johannesburg, South Africa and have four married children and seven grandchildren._,
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