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Tresia was murdered on March 21, 1992. She was in her BMW in a gas station parking lot, attempting to use a payphone to call her husband, who was three blocks away in his office building. Three gang members approached her car. One of those killers brandished a sawed-off twelve-gauge shotgun. He then shot her, at point-blank range, through her driver window. The fired shot blew a hole through her drivers window and entered her body (just below her left arm and shoulder), exploding her heart. We were later informed that her husband, only one minute away, in his railroad employment office, drove to the gas station parking lot where Tresia was shot, removed her body from her car, then placed her in his truck, driving her the furthest distance until she died on the way to the nearest hospital, Jefferson Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced DOA in the emergency room. Years of doubt, anger, and grief have crippled my family, leaving us with unanswered questions, hurt, and enormous loss. We felt that no one understood what we were going through. It seemed to us no one cared, and the ones that acted as if they did slowly fell away like leaves on a tree approaching fall season. We felt ostracized and discarded, like we had a disease. Even those who were close to us avoided our family. We felt very alone and isolated. We were suffering. We were grieving. We had no one to tell us what was about to unfold in our lives or how Tresias murder was going to change the course of our lives. We didnt understand the anger that we were feeling. Each and every task we set out to accomplish seemed to have stumbling blocks in front of them. The Christian family we had once known and grown to love over the years washed away like waves in the sea and disappeared from our memories as well because they did not reach out to us in our time of mourning. This was an added loss to us because we believed they loved us, would be there for us if we ever needed them, and that they cared ab
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