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ISBN: 9781945169212 Géneros: Sinópsis: In this eyeopening and heartfelt book of love and awareness Jeannette and Luciano invites you to take a journey through Luciano’s eyes and experience how a day living with autism affects his world For Luciano life can have its challenges especially when Gary gets overwhelmed Luciano reacts differently to certain situations than other children do and tries to cope with them as best as he can  When a person uses too many words or a teacher corrects his answer Gary experiences overload And those are just some of the challenges Luciano faces daily…overloadThrough it all Luciano desires to be understood He knows he’s smart and looks like everyone else He’s also aware he has autism and how that part of the brain impacts his day to day activities Even though he faces these challenges Luciano enjoys what most children his age does He likes video games and sports after school and his dog Josie Luciano’s best friend that helps to calm him down when he’s overwhelmedLuciano and his mom Jeannette wrote this book with the hopes that others will celebrate the gifts and talents that many children just like Luciano possess They are passionate about helping others appreciate those with autism and how patience love and understanding can help to create awareness and make a difference in their lives and the world around themAlways remember life is an adventure for all who believe they are unique
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