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Sinopsis de NAVIGATE
you are here to be the highest, brightest version of yourself&hellip, to live a life that lights you up&hellip, to shine your light! the best way to shine is to build a lighthouse&hellip, to BE a lighthouse.this guidebook is a companion to the book lighthouse revolution (which&nbsp,you can find at and explores strategies for building each component of your lighthouse.&nbsp,navigate is about exploring you, it&rsquo,s about finding your way to your light, it&rsquo,s about building your lighthouse your way, and it&rsquo,s about your journey…&nbsp, one that never really ends, and is of course different for everyone.the lighthouse provides a framework for self-leadership&hellip, for rising up by yourself, for yourself&hellip, and navigate will take you down that let&rsquo,s make like a lighthouse&hellip, and shine!_,
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