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ISBN: 9781946675446 Géneros: Sinópsis: Meet Penrose Nelson a scientist a brilliant scientist Yet he39s always lived in the shadow of his brother One day one day he would show him up and do something fantastic His descent into madness creates a horror of unimaginable proportions as he tries to splice the genes of bats into humans only to create grotesque creatures He takes his experiments to countryside town and destroys a community as well as his sanity in a quest to be the more famous brother Jax Mason only wanted to make his mother proud and do something more than be the poor kid in the trailer park With the help of a fatherly mayor he goes to medical school and becomes a reknowned plastic surgeon making everyone look like perfection in a newly created city of Gospel and city only the rich could afford to live in Everything is supplied penthouses TVs cars and food You just have to pay for the surgeries However something is odd about Gospel Jax and the citizens can39t seem to remember their past  
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