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Weve all been gripped with fear at some time in our lives. Whether it is fear of death, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of illness, or any other fear, our apprehension is universal. Walk with Shea Mahoney as she faces her biggest fears. Laugh as she recalls childhood stories where fear did not abide. Rejoice with her as God carries her through each fear that she faces. No Fear is her story, but it is also your story. It is a powerful reminder that you are not alone as you confront fear, that others struggle with fear, and that the perfect love of God truly does cast out all fear. Shea Mahoney resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with her husband Justin, her two dogs Buddy and Jack, and her three horses, Crimson, Kristi, and Liberty. She played college basketball at Western Kentucky University and went on to play professionally in the United States and abroad. She played for the Phoenix Mercury and the New York Liberty, where she and her teammates attained the WNBA Eastern Conference Championship. She also was a member of teams in Finland, Germany, Italy, and Hungary._,
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