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ISBN: 9781525509995 Géneros: Sinópsis: Written over several months Now The Voice of One is a Native American spiritual book Note She was able to read signs and symbols and the birds would talk to her Written with help from the spiritual realm this book shows synchronicities and perceptions in how we live our lives should we pay attentionRemaining in the present moment you will begin to see how everything is tied together Like one voice he who sees hears or feels can relate to the oneness in everyday life In the momentThis book records what had happened to the writer and she is confident of the material being true to form Brothers and Sisters from around the world were in direct contact with her via the internet And whether or not it can be proven is not of importance What is of importance is the coming together in unity of one voice Where we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of the other in times of need The messages are everywhere Open your heart and you too will see that which is happening all around you
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