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Prenatal Yoga Books offering safe and spacious asanas for all trimesters by yoga teacher and aromatherapist Amy M Hughes OM Belly is a supportive guidebook for women on their sacred journey into motherhood It is filled with safe and gentle prenatal yoga poses for you and your growing babe and will help guide you within all 3 of your trimesters Amy Mullin Hughes offers yoga as a way of deepening connection and calmness of mind during pregnancy Within these pages are easy to follow photographs of each asana paired with their EnglishSanskrit title and a concise simple description Its intention is to nurture a healthy and strong body preparing you and your babe for your journey Amy also shares with you her radiant daughters home birth story OM Belly weaves together the allimportant mindbodybaby connection Share in the benefits and joys of yoga with a natural childbirth without fear Trust in the ancient wisdom of a womans body It is a welcomed companion to honor the deeply rooted connection and communication with you and your blessed babe oooommmm 8×10 book 196 pages
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