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On Kawara A meditation on one of the world’s best-known Conceptual artists.Survey by Jonathan Watkins, Tribute by various authors, Focus by René Denizot, Artist’s Choice texts by Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose, Writings by On Kawara Japanese-born, New York-based On Kawara (b.1933) is one of the world’s foremost Conceptual artists, a major international figure since the 1960s Best known are his Date Paintings (1965-ongoing), in which he methodically creates a single painting spelling out the day’s date A unique feature of this book is the Tribute section, which reflects the artist’s lifelong commitment never to be personally documented in his own words; this collection of short statements by 30 individuals selected by Kawara creates an indirect ‘portrait of the artist’
Jonathan Watkins is Director of the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Previously Artistic Director of the 11th Sydney Biennial, when based in London he was Curator at the Serpentine Gallery (1995-7) and Director of Chisenhale Gallery (1990-5). René Denizot is a critic and philosopher who has written particularly on Conceptual art and contemporary sculpture. He has been a close friend of Kawara and a follower of his work for well over a decade.

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