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Georgia Nagel has worked closely with animals for over fifty years, never able to explain why they were so drawn to her, unaware that she was actually communicating with them. It wasn&rsquo,t until she brought home two puppies that things began to change&mdash,odd occurrences started to happen, and she began hearing and seeing things she could not explain. As she opened up to her newfound gift, she noticed her communication was becoming stronger with her pet sitting clients&rsquo, animals as well.The book you are holding is about that journey, it contains stories of how these animals, through patience and unconditional love, taught her that each of us holds the ability to communicate with our animals. Georgia shares stories that will make you cry, while others will leave you laughing, along with tools you can use to develop and strengthen your intuition so you can communicate with your own pets.Georgia uses her ability of animal communication in her everyday life, and she wants you to realize that you can do the same. Georgia believes the world will be a better place when we truly understand the other inhabitants of this earth, and this book will help you connect with what you have silently sitting dormant&mdash,your intuition. It&rsquo,s when we can listen from a place of love, with the intention of the highest good for all, that we can begin to connect with animals. What better way to learn than from your own pet who loves you unconditionally? This book will teach you how._,
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