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When I was a kid I had little to no idea what poetry was. I mean I thought that it was just rhyming words, like &quot,Roses are red Violets are blue….Fill in the blank. But at some point poetry became more to me than rhyming words. Poetry for me became what it had always been for us all, the hearts truest form of expression placed on paper. In my book I share poetry from all the way back from 1999-2016. My greatest hope in my book is that you may find your own expressions written down on paper. You will read poems that make you laugh, cry, mourn, and come to conclusions that you may have been searching for but have never found. Ultimately I hope that my work encourages you, makes you think, so to find and create your own hearts expression that is authentically you. William H. Bynum III was born in Anchorage AK, 1979. William grew up in a home with both of his parents, who worked for a non-profit agency taking care of individuals who experienced developmental disabilities, and has influenced his writing style and perspective. William grew up also with his own disability, epilepsy (which he writes about in &quot,brain Storm&quot,). In 2005 William had brain surgery to try and correct the seizure disorder. After two and a half months William came out of the hospital not completely seizure free, but better than before by the grace of God. Four months after brain surgery and having to relearn how to walk, talk, and process thought William attended college in Oakland California. William earned a B.A. in Youth Ministries from Patten University with a minor in Psychology. William has worked as a youth pastor, substance abuse counselor, and as an advocate for those experiencing traumatic brain injuries. Williams’, greatest passion is people!_,
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