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ISBN: 9781950855612 Géneros: Sinópsis: Have you wondered if you39re making the right decisions when it comes to raising your son Over the last years there has been a lot of confusion about the role of boys and men in our society It39s easy to see why parents are left with lots of unanswered questions when they39re raising their sons Raising boys the right way through positive parenting can help them become responsible and balanced teenagers and adults  Here39s some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book  Learn how to avoid common mistakes that parents make that can end up harming their sons longterm How to teach proper conduct at home the right way saving yourself of countless headaches Discover how to teach important values such as empathy and gratefulness Caring for your boy39s emotional and mental state The most common challenges when raising boys and how to easily overcome them Would you like to enjoy going through every stage of your son39s life without worrying if you39re doing the right thing or not The earlier you manage to give proper guidance the easier it is for a child to grow into a healthier person However there is no such thing as being too late and even the most damaging of behaviors and habits can be helped   Do not leave anything to chance Start by guiding your son towards the best possible path towards a healthy and responsible adulthood today
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