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ISBN: 9781951339562 Géneros: Sinópsis: Reiki is an energybased healing method that has been developing and gaining popularity steadily for over a century Reiki doesn’t follow any religious scriptures It doesn’t prescribe medications or unnatural treatment methods It doesn’t require you to achieve enlightenmentInstead the core principle of Reiki is to channel your inner energy in order to encourage healing and spiritual connection There’s no pressure Only relief This guide will explain clearly what Reiki is and how it can change your physical and mental state in order to promote health and wellness You’ll learn how to find the right practitioner how to identify progress and how to make the most of this healing modality Despite the intrigue and mystery that has shrouded Reiki in the past few years the fundamental purpose of Reiki is very very simpleThe energy within you has the power to heal you All you have to do if figure out how to make this energy work for you
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