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This book is dedicated to the authors four sons who now live in Heaven RISE &nbsp,R-Randall I-Isaac S-Stefan E-EphraimAre you ready to Rise? &nbsp,Have you ever felt like life is against you? Have you ever wondered what you did to deserve this? &nbsp,If your answer is yes, then you’,re not alone. Author Debra Lynn Hayes can relate. Imagine experiencing, the death of two infants, the death of your teenager, abortion and its’, lasting aftermath, broken engagements, the death of a parent, the death of a best friend, divorce, foreclosure, financial ruin, and injustice from the judicial system. THee are just a few of the personal tragedies Debra has turned into triumph.&nbsp,Debra’, s touching, often humorous, down-to-earth real life story takes you on a journey through guilt, self-condemnation, and poor self-image. In the process she discovered peace, contentment, and forgiveness.She exposes the raw emotions most people are uncomfortable discussing while sharing four steps to movw toward abundant living. These steps can be applied to the smallest disappointment or the greatest tragedy._,
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