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I never knew the man that most of this story is about. But, I do know the new man you will meet toward the end of this book. I have watched God use this man, to give hope and help to many who were wasting their lives away. I can verify that the gifts in him which, for years, were used for selfish reasons have been reborn to bring the love and presence of God to many people, and to point the attention and worship of many back to their Creator and Savior. Pastor and friend, Nathan Hyman Family Church of Houston Will the real Chubby Lee please stand up? This has been a fun read. I only thought I knew CL. I was there to see a lot of his life and rebirth. I am thankful that our Lord prompted him to write this great story of his life. Working with and being around CL has been an education from the first day. (Bad and good) Thank you CL, for helping me with my walk with the Lord and for being my close friend all these years but mostly for what you do for others. I know that many readers will find much insight and humor through this book. God Bless you my dear friend. David Kealey All proceeds from the sale of this book (after production costs) go to program development for Table in the Wilderness Ministries, a ministry of Family Church of Houston Inc._,
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