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On 300 acres of fields and bush in the harsh climate of northern Ontario fantasies of pastoral serenity clash with reality as visions of a family goat in the field morph into the sight of a dead cow in the barn Traditional middleclass measures of success battle counterculture alternatives as the narrator struggles with her emerging selfimage as just a farm wife A cacophony of voices urges her to fulfill her potential as an educated liberated woman while she commits myself to baking bread and churning butter The arrogance of bookknowledge butts heads with traditional firsthand knowledge when the first hay crop threatened to burn down the barn And as a newcomer to a community where prevailing attitudes collide with her own deeply held beliefs she searches for a way to fit in Shifting Currents is more than a story about going back to the land With rural northern Ontario in the 1970s and 1980s as a backdrop it delves into the personal conflicts and social pressures afflicting the generation of the 1960s as they moved into middle adulthood In the harsh climate of northern Ontario fantasies of pastoral serenity clashed with reality traditional middleclass measures of success battled counterculture and feminist alternatives and the arrogance of bookknowledge butted heads with traditional handson competence Beautifully written by turns wry and poignant Shifting Currents turns a landscape into a heartscape you will never forget Bill Roorbach author of Temple Stream Writing Life Stories Life Among Giants and The Remedy for Love
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