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An idealistic woman.A na&iuml,ve man.A life-shattering mistake.Juliana is relentless, driven, focused. An archaeologist, she&rsquo,s clawed her way to the top of the heap. It&rsquo,s a lonely heap, but the only man she ever loved proved men aren&rsquo,t worthy of her time.Discarded by the woman of his dreams midway through college, Brice never offered his heart again. A world-recognized expert on lung diseases, he has his work. Usually it&rsquo,s enough.It&rsquo,s almost Christmas, and Juliana is called home from a dig to see her dying twin one last time. She and Brice are thrown together after a fifteen-year hiatus. She tells herself nothing&rsquo,s changed, but her heart sings a different song. If she listens to it, there&rsquo,s only one true love._,
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