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What do Pearl Harbor McDonald39s Graceland and a soccer game have in commonThe mind thinks between 60000 – 80000 thoughts a day That39s an average of 2500 – 3300 thoughts per hourYet most of those thoughts happen unconsciously and dictate your behaviorPeople act based on their unconscious habits and you end up……biting your nails while you wait for the next epiphany …avoiding eye contact with the people next to you on the bus …eating junk food to reward yourself for the hard work you have doneNot all habits are bad but a lot of them can be the reason why you are stuck in the same routine and making the same mistakes over and over again in your soccer gameSoccer is a game of habits Its as simple as 11 The right habits create players who win And the wrong habits get punished once your opponent intercepts the careless pass you continue to make over and over againMastering your soccer game means stepping out of the hamster wheel youve been living in for yearsIf you want to instantly level up your game all you need to do is follow the simple formula of strategies to improve your habits you never even noticeBeing a winning soccer player requires more than kicking the ball on a green grass field Soccer is a lifestyle and shows up in many unexpected areas of your lifeYou will be speechless once you discover how you can improve your soccer skills while at work while brushing your teeth or while waiting for the busMastering the most popular sport in the world requires more than using muscle strength and the right technique…a lot of people are not even aware of what part of their game they need to work onSoccer is one of the fastest most unpredictable and complex games in the world Therefore you have to make sure you always stay in control and think one step ahead of your opponent
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