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&nbsp,Expert speaking coach Ian Nichol writes a thorough and authoritative guide to public speaking. Written in an engaging and informative style, with a great undercurrent of humour,&nbsp,Stand and Deliver!&nbsp,makes for a relaxing and highly enjoyable read, which reinforces Ian&rsquo,s no-nonsense message on how readers can dramatically improve their speaking performances. &nbsp,&nbsp,Ian&rsquo,s unfailing honesty when setting out his personal experiences of triumph and disaster will inspire readers, teaching them that what works for one person may not work for another.&nbsp,Stand and Deliver!&nbsp,provides countless practical tips and suggestions in a highly pragmatic text that will boost readers&rsquo, confidence. &nbsp,&nbsp,By demolishing destructive myths about public speaking, Ian shows readers how to think positively about nerves and use them to help, not hinder. Offering straightforward advice this book demonstrates that everyone can speak confidently in public by challenging preconceptions and providing a wide range of tools to success._,
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