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ISBN: 9781618957139 Géneros: Sinópsis: Storm Over Warlock is a science fiction novel written by Andre Norton and published in 1960 by the World Publishing Company The story combines science fiction with fantasy technology with witchcraft in a way typical of Norton’s works The sequel is Ordeal in OtherwhereShann Lantee is lucky to be alive He had sneaked out of the small Terran base on the planet Warlock in the Circe system to find two artificially evolved wolverines Taggi and his mate Togi and bring them back to the base before anyone notices that they are missing While he is gone a force of Throgs implacably hostile insectoid aliens attacks the base and kills all of its occupants Shann moves across country with the wolverines and sees a downed scoutship explode and destroy a Throg flying discA wounded Throg confronts Shann but a wellaimed rock kills it Shann’s rescuer is Ragnar Thorvald who survived the crash of the scoutship and turned it into a booby trap Together the two men leave the scene and begin living off the land in a way that implies a native people not Terrans Days later they make a night raid on the base now occupied by Throgs and they and the wolverines barely escape On a raft they head for the distant sea where they expect to find refugeAfter evading a Throg search party they reach their goal Thorvald displays a coinlike disc that suddenly turns him into a zombie Shann knocks the disc away and Thorvald comes back to himself Now he knows whither they should go The men build an outrigger canoe and they and the wolverines go to an island where Thorvald strands the other threeShann seeks to escape from the island to return to the mainland with the wolverines But he finds that he sabotages his own work apparently under the control of another being He sets a trap and soon finds a small dragonlike humanoid caught in it The creature can communicate with him and control him telepathically and she takes him to a cavern to meet three other
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